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   i-Touch Control System    


  • Coloured LCD touch panel icon display
  • Small manageable size
  • Yearly scheduler
  • Auto heat/cool change-over
  • Enhanced history function
  • Simple interlock function
  • Air Conditioning Network Service System (Optional Maintenance Service)
  • PPD (Power Proportional Distribution function) as a option

   Multilingual Intelligent Controller for Simplified Centralized    


  • Function 1: Support for centtralised control from elsewhere using a PC with a Web browser (Option)
  • Function 2: Sending of e-mail alerts to a specified address when malfunctions occur (Option)
  • Function 3: Built-in modem for connecting to Air Conditioning Network Service System (Option)
  • Function 4: Doubling of number of connectable indoor units by adding a DIII-NET Plus Adaptor (Option)
  • Function 5: Management of facilities/equipment other than A/C units (By adding Dio unit or DI unit)
  • Function 6: Simple Interlock Function
   i- Manager Control System    

Intelligent Manager III Centralized Control of the VRV system


  • Features control and monitoring functions for central A/C products and an air conditioning service function
  • Automatic heat/cool change-over
  • Energy saving function (ECONO mode) (optional)
  • Using an external contact via DIII-NET , monitors and controls equipment such as lighting, fans, or building security systems
  • Floor visual navigation
  • Monitor and control from the remote site by Web browser (Optional)

   Intelligent Manager III Centralized Control of the VRV system    
   Integrated control systems that recognise the trend of open    

Control system

Compatibility with BMS enhanced by utilising the international communication standards, BACnet* or LonWorks*.

DMS502B51 Interface for use in BACnet*

  • BTL Certification
  • PPD data (Optional Di board is required.)
  • ISO 16484-5 (Does not support IEEE 802.3 protocol for BACnet*)
  • Conformance class 3 (ASHRAE 135-1995)
  • Standard BACnet* Device B-ASC (ASHRAE 135-2001)
  • Up to 40 outside units and 256 indoor unit groups on one gateway. (Optional adaptor)

DMS504B51 Interface for use in LonWorks*

XIF file for confirming of specifications of the units.
Connectable up to 10 outside units and 64 indoor unit groups.